We have more than 20 years of experience in retail industry and data analytics, providing analytical solutions and professional services that help deliver actionable insights via top-notch visualizations. 

20+ year expertise

Founded in 1995, we are a leading software & consulting company experienced on Business Applications and Analytics.

Trusted by top companies

Watson, Crate&Barrel, the DC Government, Kmart, Marks&Spencer, Reckitt Benkiser, Sears and Turkish Airlines have chosen us.

strong partnerships

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and owning the Retail Partner Certificate, we are the #1 partner within our business area.

engineering expertise

Practicing high level engineering project and solutions in the Project Innovation Labs established within our R&D Center.

As an information technology solution provider, software development company and a system integrator, Obase is experienced in ‘Analytical Solutions’ and ‘Scientific Retail Solutions’.

Practicing high level engineering in the Project Innovation Labs established within the Obase  R&D Center.

Delivers solutions that transform data to information, information to value.

Obase is a Microsoft Gold Partner and owns the Retail Partner Certificate.

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